At Caunton Access we pride ourselves on selling quality used equipment at competitive prices. We hand pick our machines to ensure we only have the best possible units coming through our sales department. If your looking for a specific make or its likely we have one available through our network of suppliers which we can be refurbished to you desired specification and budget. Generally all our used equipment stock will undergo a strict repair process to ensure you get a machine that won’t let you down backed by a warranty which stand out from our competition. We will will on occasion sell machines to “as is” and not refurbished if we don’t feel it can be back by our warranty. You generally get what you pay for! To ensure you buy the right machine at the right price we have put together a buying guide for different machines which with a few simple checked will ensure your buying a quality piece of equipment and not an on going repair project If you think you’ve found the right machine from elsewhere but would like to have a reassurance that the machine is refurbished perhaps and not just a coat of paint and new sticker. Please just ask and we’ll be happy to either check the machine on your behalf or help you to ask the right questions. Warranty packages. If you’ve bought from us or elsewhere and would like piece of mind that your machine not going to break down and cost you the earth. We are happy you offer you an inclusive warranty package subject to an initial inspection.


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