Scissor Lift Fault Code 18

Fault Code 18
Your machine has an issue with the pothole limit switches, wiring or ecm.

  1. Check Pothole Limit Switches

    There are two pothole limit switches which are activated when the pothole guards are deployed. Check whether both switch a being made when lowered and released when the platform is raised.

  2. Gas Struts Weak

    Often if one of your gas struts become weak it can result in one of the switches not being fully pressed. With the platform raised you should be able to physically press each switch. If the switch looks in good condition and you can feel the switch opening and closing the contacts I would check the condition of the cables and connectors where they joint back into the harness.

  3. Still Not Resolved The Issue

    If you don’t find the fault at this point you would need to check the limit switch are working correctly with a multi meter. And then check continuity or voltage back to B10 input on the ECM.