Genie Electric Scissor Service Contracts

Genie Electric Scissor Service Contracts

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Caunton Access with a wealth of experience in the Access Industry offer fast Nationwide support for your aeirial work platform.

From a one off breakdown to a planned service and Loler. Our aim is to Maintain the longevity of your Aerial work platform with routine servicing.

Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and reduces the risk of breakdowns, saving you time and money in the long run.

Trust our industry experts to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Contact us today and see if we can help you.

MEWP Servicing: Ensuring Safety and

The Importance of MEWP Servicing

1. Reliability and Efficiency: Routine servicing keeps your MEWPs reliable. It
provides early detection of potential issues, preventing unexpected breakdowns
and costly repairs. Well-maintained equipment operates efficiently, minimizing

2. Legal Compliance: Under the LOLER Regulations 1998 (Lifting Operations &
Lifting Equipment Regulations), it is mandatory that all powered access
platforms undergo inspection and testing at regular intervals:

Access Platforms: Inspected every six months.

Material Lifts: Inspected at least every twelve months.

3. Safety: Properly serviced MEWPs are safer
for operators and those working nearby. Regular checks ensure that critical
components like hydraulic systems, electrical connections, and structural
elements are in optimal condition.

Fixed-Price Service Plans

Our fixed-price service plans offer unbeatable value. Here’s what they include:

2 x 6-Month LOLER 98 Thorough Examination Visits: Ensuring compliance with
legal requirements.

2 x 6-Month Services: Comprehensive equipment

Consumables: Filters, oils, greases, and battery top-ups.

No Hidden Costs: Pricing covers labour, travel time, mileage, and relevant

Engineer Inspection Report: Detailed findings and estimates for any necessary

Pay Monthly Option: No additional charge.