Slew Bearing Replacement

If you have a machine which has excess play in the main slew bearing or would just like it to be checked for piece of mind.we can give you a fixed price to replace it. If you book in advance we can offer an express turn around where you can have your machine back in the same day. This does however depend on the machine model. Under certain circumstances we can do this on site or at your premises.

Many machines out there have broken slew ring bolts. On some machines the slew bolts aren’t very visible however they do need checking. If you do have a machine suffering from this. We can normally extract these which compared to changing the slew bearing is a cheap fix, There are companies attempting this themselves which normally results in a new slew ring.

To give you a example on slew ring replacement prices please see below:

Z30/20N Fully Fitted Price From £1390

Z45/25 Fully Fitted Price From £1590

Z60/34 Fully Fitted Price From £1790

These prices do depend on the exact model and age of machine. For advise and more prices give us a call or email us on the link below.

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