Why Choose Us

We are able to offer you a full range of services for your machine, from ‘inspection only’, six monthly inspections and services to multiple service contracts. A complete package of regular inspections and servicing, including test and certification, which means that we pro-actively schedule and arrange the servicing without prompting but at a convenient time agreed with you..

Maintenance Package

Our maintenance package is ‘all in’, including travel costs and consumables – no hidden extras.

Fully Equipped

Mobile Engineers can visit you at your premises with fully equipped vans to carry out thorough examinations and scheduled maintenance together with repair/replacement work for minor components. 

Major Repairs

Major repairs can be carried out at our workshop in Shirebrook Nottinghamshire. It is fully equipped for all engineering tasks and heavy lifting and we can collect and deliver your machine back to you if required.

What is covered by a Loler Inspection/Thorough examination?

This depends on the professional judgement of the competent person undertaking the examination, but needs to include all matters which affect the safety of the lifting equipment, including likely deterioration with time.

For most common lifting equipment and accessories, there are industry standard procedures and criteria which a competent person would follow when undertaking thorough examinations and making judgements as to the continued safety of the equipment. Methods used include:

  • visual examination and functional checks
  • measurements of wear
  • (in some cases) traditional NDT (non-destructive testing) and load testing

Some disassembly or internal examination of parts may also be required.

Where an examination scheme has been drawn up, this should identify and specify:

  • the parts to be thoroughly examined
  • the methods of examination and testing
  • the intervals for examination (and testing of the different parts, where appropriate)

The scheme should also include details of any other inspection regimes for the equipment. Examination schemes may be drawn up by any person with the necessary competence. This does not need to be the same competent person who conducts the thorough examination in accordance with the scheme.

Although examination schemes do not need to be preserved in the form of a document, it should be possible to produce a written copy when required (eg on request by the relevant enforcing authority). These should be secured from loss or unauthorised modification. 

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